App Development Software: The Significance of Mobile Apps

App Development Software

Mobile phones and handheld gadgets are one of the most common items a person could own. According to statistics, there are 6.8 billion mobile phone users across the globe, and there are about millions of smartphones sold this year only. But what makes these gadgets so vital that we need to carry it wherever we go? App tools created by the most advanced app development software developers are what make mobile phones known. And with the convenience and portability that it offers, most people prefer to use it compared to a bulky laptop or a stationary desktop.

Handheld electronic devices are not only famous for young adults as a medium for entertainment. For its primary purpose is to promote long-distance connection – to bridge communication – smartphones are now used as a tool to increase digital interactivity. And what better way to enhance online relations than to develop mobile apps that can really strengthen the bond of users?

What is App Development Software?

Software is a computer-generated programming tool – a collective term for application, scripts and anything that operates a specific task through a digital computing system. Software developers can create different types of applications, depending on their skills, whether it is a gaming app, social media app, office tool, and so much more.

Mobile apps may visibly appear as a minuscule icon on your phone screen, but it can perform a vital task – from digital photo editing, music streaming, to online banking transacting and so much more. Indeed, the digital era brings the world to our hands in just a few taps. Below is a list of the following examples of popular mobile apps created by an app development software:

Facebook – with over 4 billion downloads, Google Playstore considers Facebook as one of the most in-demand mobile apps of this century. An app dedicated to bringing people together, Facebook is also a helpful app for business people to market their products.

WhatsApp – with almost 3 billion downloads, WhatsApp is a messaging platform and multimedia sharing app. It supports users to send text, audio and video messages, photos, links, and can even attach documents to a designated person or group.

Instagram – with 1.843 billion downloads, Instagram is a photo and video sharing social network. Known for its square aspect ratio photos, Instagram is famous for photography enthusiasts and vertical video stories. It is also a medium to promote digital marketing.

While Google Playstore and Apple App Store mostly shows the top software applications for social media and networking purposes, it somehow gives us a clue on what is trending. And it may also provide software developers to take a risk and create something out of the ordinary that can better the future of digital technology. If you are interested in producing a mobile app to promote your business through app development software, contact our team of experts at The App Mentors. For more details, visit our website at