4 Apps Everyone Should Have

The App Mentors 4 Apps Everyone Should Have

As entrepreneurs, there are so many apps we could pay credit to for helping us succeed like-iLoggedit-or even-Blockfolio. But these are the humbler players in the game, that we wanted to pay credit to.


So you may be thinking, why not use Google Calander or I Calander?
While that is a good point, the UI and aesthetic of fantastical just can’t be beaten syncing your schedules with ease and an easy to use color-coding system we think it’s worth the $2.99 on the app store. This app is great for anyone looking to up their productivity.
Below is a screenshot of its’amazing layout.


We’re sure the new combination of the iPhone X & VSCO is scaring the hell out of photographers and our goal isn’t to put any business down, but we’re about progress and VSCO has changed the game for us in recent years saving loads of time and money.

This app is great for when your editing casual photos for your business or personal accounts. We can’t recommend this app enough and it’s free! All though, the added filters definitely may entice you to make that purchase??? but we’ll leave that decision to you.


If you’ve listened to any productivity guru, you’ll know they give credit to meditation and mindfulness. It helps you deal with your emotions and just the general clutter that floats around in all of us. Now we know this might be a hard concept for some, but give it a go. There’are’10 newbie focused exercises that are designed to get you initiated then you can choose from there.


If you’re like us and love the sound of Siri when you first heard about it but were thoroughly disappointed with its features. Then you might like to check out Google Assistant. Sorting through your GoogleDocs, Calendars, Emails, Reminders and even helping with the cooking. This one has helped us out and we love the idea of having our nightrider in our pocket. Though we understand that not everyone is as in love with Google as we are.