The App Mentors Rank the Best Mobile App Development in 2020


The world of software and app development is booming. Users can now enjoy the vast selection of mobile applications from any category, from top free to top paid apps available at app stores, accessed through mobile phones. But on the other side of the coin, it becomes a challenge for app developers who want to venture the world of app development – as statistics show that during 2018, there are 1,434 new app releases through Google app store every day.

 Investing in application development can be risky. You need to have an excellent team or hire experts in that industry to help you come up with ideas and aid with the launching of an original and profitable program. But with all the existing companies present in the industry today, it is almost impossible for budding mobile app developers to compete.

 While it is impossible to predict the outcome and feedback of your product, it is easier to keep track of the future software and mobile app development that may trend in the upcoming years. Here are the top mobile apps for the year 2020.


VR Apps

Virtual reality is projected to thrive next year. With the broad usage of VR, it isn’t just about gaming. It can also be used to cultivate hobbies and talents. Virtual reality can also be applied as a device to promote education. There are over millions of VR users associated with different industrial fields across the globe. Do you think you can design an app that supports virtual reality interaction?


Healthcare Apps

As the number of chronic diseases that most humans may experience in this lifetime, having a healthcare app to rely on is a must and a privilege. Imagine being able to set an appointment with just a few taps of a finger, or speaking to a professional regarding your health in the comforts of your own home.



In the cut-throat industry of commerce and trade, it is vital to keep a continual and steady bond with your customers to keep them feeling satisfied and valued. Chatbots are designed to answer any query. And since it is artificial intelligence, it is available round the clock and can serve a broader scope of customers, disregarding the humor, language and age barrier that one may experience if communicating with a real person–unless that person is a genius.


Fitness Apps

In this fast-paced life, we rarely have time to spare for our physical needs. According to some statistics, the numbers of malnourished and overweight people have increased in the past decades. It is due to the lifestyle of modernity where people are inclined to have a basic routine of “eat, sleep, and work”, without thinking of the consequences for not having time to exercise. Our bodies need nourishment, but it also needs to stay active to rid of the toxicity stored from the food we eat. This is why a fitness app could have an impact on today’s society.


There are so many new ideas that can be a great addition to mobile applications. It just needs research, dedication and team effort to survive the cut-throat tech industry. If you are seeking app development services for a new app you want to create, let us at The App Mentors guide you. We can aid you with the best tech service across Australia. For more info, you may visit our website at