Reasons to Invest With A Chatbot System in Digital Marketing


Venturing the world of digital marketing requires expertise to compete to the cut-throat industry of business and commerce. To maintain loyalty and bond with the customers, owners must dedicate constant communication to render a satisfactory relationship. And as a company expands, entertaining multiple customers at once, with the given circumstances like the different time zone of prospect buyers and the language barrier,  communication is becoming an impossible task. Fortunately, with a chatbot system done by a reliable software developer, interaction between website and clients have become accessible.

Chatbot Online

A chatbot is a system run by artificial intelligence. Its primary function is to answer clients’ queries about the website’s products and/or services. It can emulate a conversation through chat and can even set a telephone dialogue. To simplify the matter, the process of chatbots can also be described as an interaction between humans and machines, but in a more straightforward manner.

How Chatbots Function

The concept of chatbots may look basic – but just like any other software, they have an application layer, application programming interface, database, and conversational user interface. You type in your question, and they reply using keywords from the conversation and take answers from their designed software system. The application itself is programmed to have an immediate pre-set response on chat platforms such as websites, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Instagram, Slack, Twitter, Line, and so much more.

Types of Chatbots

Three primary types of chatbots are used in today’s conversational software system. Each varies from the kind of software and methods used to play a specific response:

Artificial Intelligence Powered Chatbots

A chatbot run by AI is one of the most advanced response systems yet. It has a free-form language with a preset process that answers complicated conversation. It can also remember queries from users and can point out past discussions to help address the users.

Intellectually Independent Chatbots

The primary context of an intellectually independent chatbot is to reply through keywords found in the users’ text. Machine learning is the process of learning from the data collected and recognise patterns from the user’s script.

Rule-Based Chatbots

It is a basic form of response system found on chat apps. The rule-based chatbots response through pre-set queries. Users can click through selection boxes provided by the chatbot that may relate to your question. This type of chatbot may take longer to process since its system is limited to what the owner or the client wants to address.

Advantages of a Chatbot System

Installing a chatbot for your business can help you connect with your customers. Aside from answering their queries, chatbots can also act as your virtual assistant. They can schedule your appointments, set up meetings, remind you of an upcoming event, and they can even upload content for your social media accounts through scheduled postings.

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