Is Your Company Future Proofed?


Is Your Company Future Proofed?

We talk about how the digital space is evolving this year and why you might want to consider building an app for your company.
Are you prepared for the changes coming in 2018?

Future Proof Your Company

The Changes Happening In The Dreaded World Of SEO

Mobile-First Indexing

That’s right, SEO is changing as per usual. But for the first time since keywords, we’re having a major shift your site will be indexed on the mobile version of your site – being responsive isn’t enough anymore. You need to step up your mobile web game.

Voice Searches
Yep, your very own Night Rider – Siri has contributed to one of the biggest changes in SEO history.
Your content has to be readable by the likes of Siri otherwise your site will not be ranking properly, with close to 30% of searches now being voice-driven.

Other Changes
Nope, we’re not finished on top of the other changes coming in SEO – Mobile Ads, Algorithms, Guest Posts, and AI are all expected to contribute to the evolution of Search Engine Optimization this year.

Future Proof Your Company Design

What Are Your Options?

Build a Mobile Geared Website
This is a great place for any business owner to start as it is necessary to have a website in 2018.

Miss The Boats-s
You are in a great position to integrate a Mobile App into your company, searches via mobile have finally surpassed desktop contributing to 57% of the search and technology is only moving forward. Don’t miss the next wave.

Why Should Your Company Build An App
-Stay ahead of the technology
-Offer innovative functionalities in-app, like augmented reality and GPS.
-Point of difference, offer more than your competitors.
-Rank early not late, early adopters always get the benefit of ranking better.

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