Why Your Company Should Consider Building An App


Technology is growing and as businesses, we need to grow with it too. The number of apps on the market has just doubled and the market is expected to have exponential growth this year. We want your company to be ahead of the curve whether it be with an internal app or an app to service your customers and drive more sales.

Below are a few reasons why you should consider building an app for your company.

Building an App for Your Company Why You Should Consider Building An App 2

Apps Are Reshaping The eCommerce Space

Studies have shown that up to 89% of users are using mobile retail apps rather than going to mobile websites. Mobile Apps are expected to generate $206.6 Billion in eCommerce sales in 2018. “We have to take into consideration where our shoppers are going to be in the future.”

Why You Should Consider Building An App

PR and Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers satisfied within your application – provide an easy to use modern review platform and ensure no bad reviews trickle on to your social media accounts. The time spent on digital media has increased by 50% in the last three years and almost 90% of this rise is attributed to mobile app time. Build for your customers and keep them satisfied by giving them faster load times and increasing their accessibility options.

Build Customer Loyalty
It’s easy to see the number of successful companies like Starbucks have had in the launch of their apps. It has shown that customers continue to return to apps that give them a sense of individuality being able to log in earn rewards points and add items to their cart.

Build Customer Loyalty

What Companies Should Build Apps?

From eCommerce sites to an app can help companies generate revenue. Whether it be a fresh idea, or a loyalty app – looking into the app space will be beneficial for your company. Mobile apps are actively competing with the Web industry – so make sure you are ready for the future.