The App Mentors: Essential Facts About Cryptocurrency


In a world where everything is digital, we shouldn’t be surprised if one day we would start paying electronic cash to pay for goods and services instead of the customary physical money. As their main principle, Cryptocurrency was born to promote cashless transactions and decentralise all currencies. Learn about e-money through The App Mentors.

The crypto market, as predicted, is on a deliberate upstream regaining its eligibility to the currency world compared to the last few months of 2018, where the ranks have collapsed to a drastic 80%, losing millions in the process. But what are digital currencies? How will it affect our financial situation in the future?

Digital Currency

In 2009, we were introduced to a peer-to-peer (P2P) electronic network file sharing system by a person with a pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. The first recorded bitcoin exchange with a physical product happened in 2010, with the established agreement between the sender and the receiver, making their transaction a success, and beginning of a new currency era.

Cryptocurrencies are a new software run by the internet as a tool for exchange, open-source software that offers rewards through a method called “mining”. The acquired points can be exchanged with currency, services, and products. This currency is known as Bitcoin and is considered as the most popular virtual money that is extensively used all over the world.

Decentralised banking that doesn’t need a server, the said currency has become a worldwide trend in online marketing and trade transactions, where the exchange requires minimal fees compared to our existing currency and is processed in an efficient manner – banking and money transfer in just a few taps and clicks.

The Future of Virtual Money

As the months go by, the numbers of digital coin software have increased. It’s an advantageous event for Bitcoin enthusiasts since it offers a broader scope of exchange and making virtual money accessible to different types of people. However, it will depend on what suits their banking preference.

There are many benefits to start an online transaction with Bitcoin. For business people, it offers a universal currency to customers from all over the world. It is also advantageous in terms of availability of trade since internet usage is available any time and can be accessed anywhere as long as an electronic device is provided, and you are connected to the internet.

The future is bright for Cryptocurrency, and just like the stock market, it may experience downflow, it can also arise depending on the market. 

The App Mentors

The industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain is increasing, but before you start investing, it is ideal to broaden your knowledge first to understand more about the digital currency to avoid financial discrepancy. The App Mentors can provide you with advice from one of our experts in blockchain and digital cash transactions. If you need more information about this matter? Don’t hesitate to contact us through our official website at The App Mentors.