Invest with an Excellent Customer Service


Customer service is the frontline of a business. They are the ones responsible for engaging with new customers while making time building a strong bond with the regular customers of your products or services to keep a steady flow of sales. Maintaining an excellent relationship with customers requires effort, time and, most of all, it can consume large amounts of money to supply the resources. However, the results of the hard work are matched with continuous patronage of customers, building a profile for the status of a business, and it helps increase sales.

Types of Customer Services

To achieve better brand rankings, it is essential to follow business strategies to increase profit, create organic feedback and traffic to your website, and to establish the name of your trade. Below are types of customer service that may help you with your digital marketing strategies:

Live Chat Support

Live chat support is ideal for customers who want to gain information, queries, or to resolve an issue regarding the products and services of the company, but have no time to make an appointment through personal visits or phone calls. It offers an automatic response which is reported to have claims of customer satisfaction in most customer service interactions.

Social Media Assistance

As of January 2019, there are 18 million Australians who have social media accounts. And as a strategy, business people are delegating specific persons to create online accounts to gain new buyers, build their brand reputation, and have direct contact with people associated with the products and services. A person or group of people responsible for this type of customer service are called social media managers.

Email Support

One of the oldest fashion of replying to customer issues is through email. As the numbers of social media are increasing, there are still a good number of people who prefer to write product report issues through email. These are usually the ones who don’t own a social media account, wants the subject to be taken seriously through a formal letter, and wants the customer service to address the problem immediately.

Self Service Support

This is a kind of customer service that allows minimal human interaction, especially suited for people who prefer to do their own research to gain knowledge about a particular subject or issue that they might be having. Usually, the product or service information is posted on the official website through web content such as articles, blogs or video tutorials, and product reviews.

Voice Response Representative

Voice response is one of the oldest types of customer interaction. Responding to customer requests through interactive voice calls is another customer service strategy to deliver an immediate response to clients. Automated voice response, or also known as interactive voice response, is a machine that sends a specific type of query to a designated voice representative for faster transactions. For example, it has a feature of sending customers to a representative that knows the customer’s language.

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