The App Mentors: Basic Information About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

With the increasing demand for internet-based shopping and delivery hubs for products and services, starting a new trade online is becoming challenging. The competition is indeed getting tougher among business owners, especially now that online advertisements are rampant. The concept of digital marketing is straightforward. However, one must follow intricate methods to achieve success in sales and gain feedback and popularity of the brand.

You cannot accomplish better brand rankings if you have little knowledge about the ins and outs of the web structures. To get a better understanding of the concept, read further and get to know the history and some interesting facts about online marketing.

History of Online Marketing

Online marketing is not a new topic. The trade industry has been selling ever since the dawn of time. And with the help of advanced technology, it is made easier for both traders and customers to engage in completing a business cycle with the use of the world wide web. As the world progresses, the population also grows, and the need for accessible products is increasing. Which is why commerce and technology go hand in hand.

The term digital marketing emerged in the year 1990. It was first introduced through a website search engine called Archie, as an index for a file transfer protocol (FTP) site. Fortunately, the capacity for online storage is capable enough to keep customer information. With this, online marketing was born, and as time moves forward, the techniques have deliberately changed to suit the preference of users, customers, and clients.


Here are facts about online marketing that may find fascinating and help beginners learn more strategies for website marketing:

  • Content with appealing and relevant images have better views.

  • A typical viewer has an attention span of eight seconds, so make every detail count!

  • Google search engine is responsible for 94% organic online traffic leads.

  • Thumbnails in search results add traffic to your site.

  • One of the most challenging search engine optimisation techniques is link building.

  • An average person occupies about twenty minutes of their daily life using Facebook, making the website the best medium for web ads.


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