The App Mentors: Basic Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

There is no denying the fact that most industries are advertised through digital marketing. The App Mentors can guide businesses to gain organic feedback. But what exactly is an online marketing and what are the benefits of applying them for our company?



With the increasing percentage of new internet users recorded every day, there is no reason for budding businesses to pass up an opportunity to create an online portfolio to broaden their sales. As the world modernises, strategic methods are presented to target a more specific type of audience as prospective clients of our products and services. But with all the competition of online marketers, how could new brands penetrate the system and gain a return of sales? That is where digital marketing comes in handy.

Types of Digital Marketing

Marketing online can be done by utilising digital mediums such as search engines, social media, electronic ads, and so on. It specialises in studying the movement of online trends to follow. Here are a few methods for successful online marketing:

Search Engines – are online tools used to search any topic, query, product, etc. It offers vast information from any category, place, and time. A search engine can help increase sales through search engine optimization. The process can increase the search rankings of your website to gain immediate visibility and accessibility to online users.

Social Media – has many functions: it is a medium for communication, a platform for sharing information, hobbies, arts, a place for networking, etc. There are billions of social media users today, which makes social media an ideal program for advertisement. It can improve sales by engaging with customers, which helps create a bond with clients. Social media help display information about your products in a friendly and casual atmosphere.

Content Marketing Strategy – a method of submitting and filling a website with informative, relevant and accurate materials through articles, social media posts, and even video blogs, or more commonly known as vlogs. Organic contents can increase interaction between marketers and customers, which adds traffic to the site, ergo adding eligibility to the profile and status of the business.

Online and Mobile Phone Ads – traditional adverts such as radio, television, and billboard are still existent even with the most advanced technology offered today. But sometimes, those types of ads are only applicable for brand names who are already established.

For newcomers, it is ideal to focus on a direct advertisement, such as email marketing campaigns, online and mobile phone ads. For most of the day, an average person can spend a minimum of an hour or two engaging with their mobile phones and handheld gadgets. And this type of marketing strategy can be advantageous for targeting a specific audience that may help you gain sales.

Digital marketing is essential because it can develop your business status through methods and optimizations which can attract potential customers. For more information about online marketing, contact us today at The App Mentors.