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App Development Software: The Significance of Mobile Apps

Mobile phones and handheld gadgets are one of the most common items a person could own. According to statistics, there are 6.8 billion mobile phone users across the globe, and there are about millions of smartphones sold this year only. But what makes these gadgets so vital that we need to carry it wherever we…
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The App Mentors: The Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing plays a significant part in increasing the success of your business branding. Some businesses may survive without intentional promotion and advertising. However, they may only achieve a low to a mid-level status where the market may still be unstable. Although the future of every business is unpredictable, it is always best to create…
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The App Mentors Rank the Best Mobile App Development in 2020

The world of software and app development is booming. Users can now enjoy the vast selection of mobile applications from any category, from top free to top paid apps available at app stores, accessed through mobile phones. But on the other side of the coin, it becomes a challenge for app developers who want to…
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Invest with an Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is the frontline of a business. They are the ones responsible for engaging with new customers while making time building a strong bond with the regular customers of your products or services to keep a steady flow of sales. Maintaining an excellent relationship with customers requires effort, time and, most of all, it…
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The App Mentors: Basic Information About Digital Marketing

With the increasing demand for internet-based shopping and delivery hubs for products and services, starting a new trade online is becoming challenging. The competition is indeed getting tougher among business owners, especially now that online advertisements are rampant. The concept of digital marketing is straightforward. However, one must follow intricate methods to achieve success in…
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The App Mentors: Essential Facts About Cryptocurrency

In a world where everything is digital, we shouldn’t be surprised if one day we would start paying electronic cash to pay for goods and services instead of the customary physical money. As their main principle, Cryptocurrency was born to promote cashless transactions and decentralise all currencies. Learn about e-money through The App Mentors. The…
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