chatbot marketing

The Importance of a Chatbot for Marketing

In this digital age, business people have adapted to online marketing. And because of the tight competition and vast resources found on the internet, it is harder for budding businesses to infiltrate the industry. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to enhance your online rankings through web optimisation. The App Mentors are experts at providing software…
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Digital marketing

The App Mentors: Basic Introduction to Digital Marketing

There is no denying the fact that most industries are advertised through digital marketing. The App Mentors can guide businesses to gain organic feedback. But what exactly is an online marketing and what are the benefits of applying them for our company?   DIGITAL MARKETING With the increasing percentage of new internet users recorded every…
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social media

The App Mentors: The Benefits of Social Media Automation

In a general aspect, automation is a term which means to make use of electronics and computer-based systems to control multiple assignments. There are several pros and cons of automation, especially in the manufacturing industry. Although the process promotes productivity, hundreds of laborforce are losing their jobs over machines. However, if automation tools are used…
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app development

App Development Trends in the Year 2020

App development is the act of creating an automated program or software accessed through mobile phones. A single app or starting a web app development can take about at least four to six months to prepare, differing on the scope of the project and the heaviness of each landing page and content. Creating an app may…
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your brand

Are you an online brand? Read this.

Does Your Audience Need An App? Online brands, coaches, motivational speakers and content creators alike are all benefitting from providing their audience innovative platforms where they can access the content. We’re going to talk a little bit about how new technologies are helping the world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, and Johnson & Johnson are scaling…
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Is Your Company Future Proofed?

Is Your Company Future Proofed? We talk about how the digital space is evolving this year and why you might want to consider building an app for your company. Are you prepared for the changes coming in 2018? The Changes Happening In The Dreaded World Of SEO Mobile-First Indexing That’s right, SEO is changing as…
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