Why Your Company Should Consider Building An App

Technology is growing and as businesses, we need to grow with it too. The number of apps on the market has just doubled and the market is expected to have exponential growth this year. We want your company to be ahead of the curve whether it be with an internal app or an app to…
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How To Bootstrap Your Startup

Why You Should Bootstrap Your Start-Up Bootstrapping is most certainly an important lesson in hard work, patience, flexibility, resourcefulness, and accountability. We’re not going to go into too much detail about why you should bootstrap your startup. But we will have a new post coming up soon on The App Mentors official blog Power The People. If you…
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Want to build an app? App Terminology 101

App Types When you build an app, you develop for specific operating systems and this specifies their app type. These are the standard app types that you will encounter along your journey: Native App Want to build a mobile app and keep hearing this term thrown around? A native app can have a range of…
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The App Mentors 4 Apps Everyone Should Have

4 Apps Everyone Should Have

As entrepreneurs, there are so many apps we could pay credit to for helping us succeed like-iLoggedit-or even-Blockfolio. But these are the humbler players in the game, that we wanted to pay credit to. FANTASTICAL (CALENDER) So you may be thinking, why not use Google Calander or I Calander? While that is a good point, the…
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